Wednesday, May 2, 2012


yes me and my family are PRO PHOENIX! if i had heard of him before i had my foot landed on mid flip by a 76 burbin than maybe id be the vigalanty of the rez! i really do not care for people who say he is an idiot for throwing himself in harms way where police should belong i simply as well where were they? out makin public apology #9999 this last 2-3years??? i lost faith in them when they shot down a well known native american carver for a more than legal length blade of 3inches which he used to make his art with. I believe PJ is a great inspiration that ANYONE can be a hero. and a word for those who say he is getting in the way,at least when he sees a rape or robbery or beating we know he will stop it not yell at the guy to freeze or simply walk away like nothing happened like most citizens and or cops of the puget sound. dude this guy is an MMA fighter and the criminals he has takin down should be lucky he isnt going full on punisher status and just kicking the living shit outta them like he no doubtly can. most of the time the haters of people like this are spoiled over wealth golden spoon-in-mouth children,even the grotesque graying flabby kind that felt the need to attack my comment on the story on seattle post site named bobby something,sir you are but an ignorant fool who has probably never experienced real strife ever thus explaining why you approach a story of a courageous selfless real life hero saving the community one small crime at a time in such an apathetic matter. Sure its the cops job because they get paid for it,well give Phoenix Jones a check for doing it and he is QUALIFIED and all the crybabies can STFU! because thats all a cop is is a costume wearing paid protector but they havent been doing just that,so where do we turn when we cant simply walk to our vehical and have to be worried about some wannabe gangster or junkie robbin you for your shit. i mean COME ON!!! HE IS DOING IT FOR OUR KIDS! dont you want your kids to have supwr hero role models again and not Snookie or any of the 16 and pregnant girls? or even better how about we go to having Tony montana and charles manson as role modles? tony was a good business man and charles had GREAT motivation skills...or were those drug induced mind fucks??o well who cares just as long as some freak in a suit isnt going around with delusions of saving people....uhhhg nimrods....anywho... PJ TULALIP LOVES YOU! even if its all for show now the beginning moral is what gets me!and his badd ass MMA fights :)


i absolutely love animals of all kinds and even though people scoff at puff peices they are nice boosters for the faith in humanity.

Monday, April 30, 2012


im done with my tribal government. they are nothing but a piggy bank that people keep reaching into like many of the families that are huge and sadly in power. but the people who have been fuckin everything up with drug deals and money stealin, rape,murder, faulty family benefits meant for all used for ONLY them. then they go and hire family and friends who take up the jobs and leave none for those who NEED it. this last weekend has been the straw that broke tha mutha fuckin back, when more people i know and grew up with die so fucked up and so much like i almost did....shit stops being justified and starts seemin like it needs to be destroyed andd rebuilt from scratch! ive so been tempted to pull a IMMORTAL TECH and leave ya to ya own destruction like sparkin a feind!!! the tribal police now are but DECROTIVE INFECTIOUS SWINE WITH TOO MUCH POWER and that goes for SPD too. you beat us,sick yo fuckin dogs on us,kill and literally rape,intimidate,and fabricate! fer starts how about Mr.Jimbo... i thought i thought i disliked you outta teen angst but now i see it was your energy... so long ago i seen i did not like the way you projected yourself like most cops, but as i see it was for a damn reason. not because i was a delinquent but aura seer. i seen the darkness you and every other cop in that department tries to hide behind a fuckin shiny badge. and debbie parker!OMMFG where else should i start besides being a fictitious lazy old bittie with a snotty teeny bopper mentality, you should of fixed your campaign slogan from for the youth to I think AM THE YOUTH! up and leaving during another fellow educators speech at a 2day convention within the first 2hours??? uhhh excuse me but were you not all in the damn Herald braggin how you were out helping ittt bitty kiddies in school because you know education is the way to go? ?? so wouldnt you think the college part of the education process is kinda vital??? i mean thats where we want our children to end up and not 6 feet under,or in and outta either prison or rehab/treatment facilities? ? but no i guess whomever you were going to see or meet must have been waay more important than making sure our bonds with EVCC are not strained in their time of need for money so our members can still attend under our circumstances? but alas she hath made us look like uneducated nothing but talk air heads by ditching in the middle of a speech anf offended half the staff it seems.... thanks debbie YOUR SUCH A FUCKIN LEADER! and mr Les p. uhhhg everyone knowsof your shenanigans beecause you continue to publically make an ass of your self but
with all the housing problems you have creaated i must throw you name in too. because thecrews you hired are sloow and do not know what they aree doin! theydo next to nothing and would have been fined and fired if they acted like that outside of a tribal owned business. with all the nails they seem to like to leave in everyones driveways to the broken peices of roof and other nasty things from them tearing apart ssidings and roofing. and thats just the tip of the les stink bomb! therr is aalso him trying to get a well known rival tribe just north to move a vasino not even a mile away from oura in marysville... really? happens a while aho but REALLLY???? YOU ARE SO SICKLY VENDETTIVE.... just sickly...
i love this place but the way you twisted ass cannibals have changed it and fed the wood tk the feind fire and fucked everonne up and now we have to extend our cemetary to fit moree bodies and all our leaders do is feed into fire...not caring if they destroy our culture and traditions with greed and drugs.... bahaha speakin of drugs ive all but forgot about Mista m. Fryberg JUINAH!! biggest hippocrite of them all. you are a true tricksterr in disguise! you slither like stanky snake through our community hissing lies yet spreading the venom your protesting... simply to everyone simply here for the money GTFO!!!!!! IF WE WANTED TO DEAL WITH THAT SHIT WE WOULDA STAYED IN MAINSTREAM POLITOCS WITH WHITEY!!!

goodnight and goodlife...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

legalize the penalized

mmmhhmmmm i done went there. why does pot have to be the "gateway" drug? simply because admitting it isnt the core of the problem would admit to ripping off the earth and our pockets in the end because the industrial and medicial uses of cananis and hemp would stomp trees,cotton and tobacco/alcohol heffes and they aint havin that. many try the "REEFR MADNESSS approach and say you will go crazy or become a burnt out loser from simply eating or smoking the substance and all forms of this god given plant should be demonized. I CALL B.S! despite the "professional" **COUGH'paidoffimbeciles'COUGH** seemingly legit comments on marijuanas medical beneifts being non-existant do not believe the hype, canabis has been used as a natuaral anesthetic by numerouse cultures in all countries at some point in time before your modern day painkillers or anesthesia docs use now. even in childbirth!( so screw you maggots who say pot babies like us are less mentaly/physically developed!) do not get me started on the INFINITE uses of HEMP that would save our trees,our animals,and natuaral resources. hell i bet our alcohol and probably hard drug related catastrophes would drop near 0. drug gangs would have their big profit terminated the moment the outlawing of marijuana/hemp is.

simply if you are con pot then think of this if your tired of your local heroin/crack-cocaine/meth dealer acting like fuckin tony montana hustlin nickel n dime bags of trash to your children,siblings,parents,family or friends period,think of it,becoming pro pot will help legalizing it and legalizing it will take the money from the drug lords and stop your neighborhood from depleting,it would put some cash back into our stumbling economy by introducing a stellar product into it and taxing it( creator please dont forgive my materialistic view but the epiphanies will follow soon after;]!) as we sell the weaker potency in almost substitute cigarette form in smoke shops and danky dank potency in the pharms,we can come out of debt as a country! oh and fellow Smokey Mcpuffins kno wat i mean by epiphany,i need not explain.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i stand out in a white crowd yet no one.knows us?

if u grew up on or around a reservation,you could tell the difference between a mexican and native american. but as i explore the foreign world we call america i see my people who lived here long before viking, Spaniard, or europeon kind even knew of the land WE called home.

sure mexican is simply a southern natives who were like us and had our language whipped outta our homes and children. but past is past and now we have what 2pages maybe 2 1/2 pages of history books simply stating we discovered america and indians who we civilized and blended them into our loving society today. and a few basic photos of whay we looked like then,the tee pees or plankhouses we lived in and our totem poles. then you have Hollywood and the variouse movies depicting the history book fairytail. some not so much today thank god! and on a side note thank you mother for sheltering me from old westerns like christians from "sin".

i mean really "injuns" didnt recieve citizenship til 1937ish?? hmmm yet they were granted to own slaves of all kind? its amazing how little this bothered many native americans! how can you be stabbed in the back wen greeting travelers,overtaken,quarantined, then not so much as a real recongnition til 80 sumthin years ago the its slow bribes to keep quite... sorry but my voice is done being muffled my strings are null n void! we want a holiday recognizing our culture,our people, and we need to get back to our roots! look at where starving our spirits has gotten is! we have orphans from OD's, siblings buried cuz of greed and hatred, children pregnant, dirty politicians/cops turning a blindeye on certain crimes that would normally be front page on all met news first or maybe even breaking news on your local news. i hope to fucking he all mighty fuckin creator that a good tribal sumaritan sends this out to all of our tribes and other dirty,falling tribes.
KNOCK THIS MONEY GRUBBIN,DECIETFUL ASS LYIN CRAP OUT!WHAT WOULD YOUR ELDERS WHO RAN THIS SHIT LONG BEFORE YOU SAY? FUCK IT THEY ARE WEEPING ALL AROUND AND MOURNING THAT OUR PEOPLE HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO BEASTS KILLING OVER CRUMBLES OUTTA OPPRESSORS HANDS!! can you guys not hear the cries of pain from letting their gifts to us decompose like the rotting bodies,the stench of double croasing and covered lies clouds our people.....

you follow false leaders and i refuse to do the same. i am my own damn leader and will not bow to any man or woman on demand like a damn jester. i will only represent what i believe and listen to yours but i will not conform to anyones likings... i will not work for a tribe that hashas no interest in our future as a who like we were raised.... I LOVE YOU Tsapa BUT YOU ARE SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH LIARS,CHEATS,THIEVES,RAPISTS! DO NOT BUY THEIR GIMMICKS AND MASKS!

my theme song of today *Immortal Technique-freedom of speech*!!!! JAMMIN OUT BITCHES!